1. Risen

From the recording Risen

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lyrics; Gleason/Garrett



Our time has come to rise up. To take up arms claim what's ours.
A thousand years of death and fear. The clock ticks time draws near.
No Time to run or to cry. Fall in line or you die.
Blood soaked soil blood stained grass. Shattered souls like shards of glass.

Minions heed to your call. Burn and watch them fall.
Rise up and stand tall. The evil shall call.
Minions heed to your call. Rise up they befall.

Thousands die the battle unfolds. Millions suffer evil foretold.
Soulless bodies lie where they fall. Corpses Stacked like a wall.
Lifeless eyes stare at the sky. Final breath wonder why.
Chains are broke demons set free. Carry out this killing spree.


Possess the body corrupt the mind. Final march to end all mankind.
Where's your God? Where's your Christ? Heaven can't help you.
Time is now death at hand. Stand your ground take your stand.
Shadows fall evils cast. Rising hell still so vast.