1. AxX to Grind

From the recording Risen

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lyrics; Vannatta


AxX to Grind

It is what it is. Can't save or learn from this.
I can't because I won't. Don't care to thrive in shit.

All I wanted. More. What I need it for

Our time is forever. So lost we'll never be found.
No words or structure can hold. My mental illness knows no bounds.

Call me nothing more. In my head a war.

Wake up into torture. Your mind soon admits its defeat.
I am your apocalypse. Hurt you in ways fit for a Judas.

Shuts me off turning me on. wants to be dignified.
Calls me out. Closer to in. Madness my friend for life.

Forced seclusion. Scorned. Isolation. War.

Our time is...

Self inflicted. Torn. Price of sacred. More.

It is what it is...

Madness my friend for life.