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  1. Opener of the Way

From the recording Other Gods

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lyrics; Anderson


Opener of the Way

Aforgomon The one that lies beyond Transcendent Lord Great outer God
Face of the Heavens Master of all dimensions Child of the Mists Mouth of the Void

The All in One. The one in all. Behold the Opener of the Way

Hail Yog Sothoth Lord of the Labyrinth Master of Angles Joiner of Worlds
Con flux of Spheres Thirteen in Number The Blinding Light God of the Dark

The All in one...

From the Abyss I call to thee Hear us Great One Stir them from sleep

You are the key. You are the gate. All knowing guardian show us the way
Render the veil. Let them awake. Come forth in splendor. Open the gate.

Spheres meet in darkness as Midgard trembles. Their Glistening eyes piercing the shadows

You are the key...