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  1. Other Gods

From the recording Other Gods

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lyrics; Anderson


Other Gods

Through this mournful mist I make my climb
To reach the summit high
Where the Gods of Earth delight
My wisdom makes me great to them
They fear my presence here
Those who spurn the sight of man

Behold the other gods
That come from outer hell
Dark vengeance in their eyes
Falling prey unto the spell
The moon grows dark
Unknown magic comes to life
Look away and do not see
As I fall into the sky

There is no mercy here
Thunder cracks the sky
Loathsome laughter drowns my cries
As I descend toward heavens black
There's no repose for me
Cursed and damned by what I've seen


Look away do not see as I fall into the sky
Look away look away as I fall into the sky
I have seen the other gods