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  1. From the Depths

From the recording Other Gods

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lyrics; Anderson


From the Depths

Hail my brothers of the ancient blood
Again I cry the word of the abyss
Hear the deathless ones and speak with me the call
To wake the serpent from eternal rest

I have walked the Earth
I have danced and killed
I have taught the men to slay and scream
I have come here to the world of horrors
Where I'll abide and rule eternity

The old ones are
The old ones were
The old ones once again shall be
For I have died
And I have slept
And from the depths I'll rise again

Hear me I cry the end of the god of death
I speak the laws of life that you again may live
From the sea I call across the darkening void
That you reject this timeless curse of death

I have walked...

The old ones...