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  1. Taken Too Far

From the recording Other Gods

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lyrics; Vannatta


Taken Too Far

I awaken to a vision of the old
No mistaking all the lies can't be untold
Severed friendship like a ringing in my head
Pure deception of a self a life misled

And I take you to the truth
And I take you too far
So I take you past the boundaries
And I take it too far
Then I take you through the valley
You've been taken too far
So I take you in the shadows
And then I take you

You've been taken by the storm within my soul
Broken memories of a heart left in the cold
So delusioned by the thoughts of you and I
That all reason eludes the rational mind

And I take...
You can't be saved cause you're broken

Broken You're not so vicious when you're
Broken No sleight of hand
Broken No slip of lip cause you're

Then you call my name in vain
...in pain
...in faith
...in vain