From the recording demo

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lyrics; Vannatta


A placid dream in tranquil scene. A mirage of me suffocated by the sea. Water settles under moon. Your drifts coming soon. No where to hide. We'll all ride this tide.
You're just one breath away from all you ever knew and as you float away the dead world sees the truth.
You think you're in control. The guilty, the innocent. All are claimed. No stone unturned.
Unavoidably sudden. Can't escape this cleanse. Try to get some sleep. This waves too deep. Old life's at an end. New world to begin. A call from mothers womb. Cry out your doom.
You're just...
It's vacant new. It's blissful truth. In liquid blue. This callings for you. Old life's at...
Take in the oxygen. Step in this symmetry. Leaving unconsciousness. Saving what is for me. Sleeping eternal. Unlock this mystery. Breathe in your consciousness. Purity is to be.