From the recording demo

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lyrics; Vannatta


Murderous. Let me touch you. We could taste the sun rise. Parasite in your world of promise. Fear comes to life. Catalyst of the maker. Pouring out all the insides. Sanity in the shallow water. Crossing all the minds lines.
Expectation of poor vision. Storm sends a pour. Cleansing all these burdens. That beat me down before.
Malignant lurking in the shadows. I will touch your life. Pessimist a conditioned response. Another heart just died. Scavenger. Asleep through all becoming. Salvage the ways of a ghost. Sadistic in the tasteless vision. Look through the eyes of the host.
Thus is life full of riches stripped at deaths pale door no comfort in grief chose death as relief memories spread out on the floor Hollow this day empty and grey shedding of tears in the rain found a release escape into peace.
Expectations of poor vision. Storm sends a pour. Strange am I reads on your face hide not eye. That beat me down before. Expectations of poor vision. Storm sends a pour. Close no doors speak without words small still voice. That beat me down before.
Discontent with struggle. Discontent with poor. Misconceive of others. Seeking open doors.
Strange am I...
Caught in distress. Lost in a mess. Burning all my bridges as I sever the rest. Never forget. Never regret. Use my words against me in a different context. Read into signs. Traces of truth. Shadowed by decisions from the echoes of youth. Awaken your dreams. Awaken your heart. Live inside the moment from the end to the start.
Thus is life...