1. The Dead Trail

From the recording demo

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lyrics; Vannatta


I see your wicked governing gaze. Following the dead trail. All that I hold is all in vain. Carry not the sure fail.
Cold I awaken my only sense is to be gone. Answers within myself. I go awake and believe in this feeling so strong. Lost in my private hell. Build or destroy. Enter the gift of life. Fall like rain or rise like the sun.
I've grown mountains and flooded the hills. Nothing are your habits. All that I know is all this pain. Shatters by distraction.
Cold I awaken...
Attach not a thought feel empty collapse in my heart. Foot in mouth again. Bury me in virtue. Uncover my eyes blind by you. Angel with broken wing. Fall to neglect. Slow to wake. Cherish the journey. It is decided I'm moving in sevens with nothing to show. Discovering diamonds behind the eyes. Not large in size but wise from many lives.