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  1. Essence Remains

From the recording Martyr

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lyrics; Vannatta


Essence Remains

I know not your pains and sorrows but your words are empty.
No spirit or grace in your movement your actions reek of apathy.
The same conversation. I'm tired of fake.
Your illusion of better. I'm going to break.

Essence remains. Like a burial of spirit.
Bond unbonded. Forgiveness the difficult.

No solace in pain I'm bringing more than you've expected.
Blood on my fists I crush the ego you've erected.
You want something savage. Something filled with regret.
I am the dagger. I am your death.

Your charred remains. In a burial of fire.
Bond unbonded. Forgiveness the difficult.

All that remains. You get what you've given.
Bond unbonded. Forgiveness the difficult.

Their is no god here. Killer in the making.
Their is no wrong here. Lives for the taking.
Bleeding for the truth. Your victim is your mirror.
Fleeing from your self. Demeaner will express.
Just what you have instored. Life itself enough.
I've died this death before. Driven to prevail