1. Empty Heaven

From the recording Martyr

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lyrics; Anderson


Empty Heaven

Through black flame they walk into light.
The gates flung wide. Heralded by deathless cries.
Night winds howl. Air of this enlightenment.
Searing brand emblazoned on thy consciousness.

From despair and agony
Serpent guide the steps toward knowledge.
Freedom from hypocrisy.
Casting off the robe of lies.
Nevermore to be enslaved.
Nevermore to bow to nothing.
Disappear into the void.
Vanish into empty heaven.

Blind. They walk among us in deceit.
Vile and despised. Beauty they will never see.
Blood of failure Glistening on the jaws of death.
Mindless sheep basking in their emptiness.

From despair...

Thou forsworn, now proclaim thy majesty.
Horns raised high, oblivion but a memory.

From despair and agony.
Corpses pave the road to knowledge.