From the recording Martyr

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lyrics; Vannatta


The Becoming

You are disease. A plague for those who see. The Heartless bleeds. The answer lies within the storm.
Inward I go. Determined to dream among the sleepers.

Nothingness is everything to gain. I'm relentless. Sinister but perfect for the play. Eye insist this.
Cut my mind loose. Intensify. Set my soul free. To simplify.

As I step back to see. The truth right in front of me. Forget more than you'll ever know. Subside and
give me room to grow.

To see the world of darkened shadows. Your tongue is split and running on and on.
Look right at you but you won't face me. This bitter taste I want to cut you up.

As I...

When spirits flee the earth for better. All that is gone is lost forever.
The source of fate is surely cancer. A world of graves the only answer.

As I...

Your empty the becoming of me.
Your blessings are vacant.
See the cold black as the light cuts your eyes.
Feel the cold black as the world you know dies.

As I...
Your empty...