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  1. Stand For Nothing

From the recording Martyr

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lyrics; Vannatta


Stand For Nothing

All hail the corporate giant. Riches for riches on the backs of the weary.
Not a second thought of you and yours. Inches by inches in their hearts only tyranny.
In their deeds. They cast shadows. Moved by words. Stand for nothing.

Regression. The endless fall. Down we go in slides of mud.
Perception. The eyes within. Immoral tongue.

Wake up with boundless sight. No memory or hardship can shut down this light.
Basked in darkness. Collapsed in heart. As water on fire I'll rip them apart.

Maddening like habits forcibly broken. Captured like memories in lifeless devotion.
Hardened by haters the vileness of tongue. Constant as time the drought has just begun.
In their deeds...

Suppression. The heavy hand. Around we go circle of dust.
Perfection. The eye of heart. Immortal trust.

Wake up with...