This started out as just a place to host my music. I soon realized how much music actually is just lost in somebody's closet forever. A band tends to last about a minute. All the work and captures get lost. I hated the thought of the lack of even discovery is taken away in the age of the internet. So I've been reaching out to friends and bands and asking to host their music on here. The response has been pretty good. This is a Kansas music archive but not limited to. As well as in constant growth and a work in progress. I hope you find something you like. A huge thank you to all involved.            Iron Sharpens Iron

Acme Rock Co. - Death Defying Rock N Roll
A8 - A Day Without Teeth
(A)ether - Hearse
(A)ether - In Waves
Angst Driven - Super Psycho Fatalistic Up My Fuckin Dosage
Antropox - Insurgence
Antropox - Remastered
Apparition - The Rise
AxX of Hate - Risen
Sonny B - Villian
Sonny B - Walls
The Banned - Got Hairspray?
Bearblood - The Dormant Truth...
Bearded Assholes - Cranial Ventilation
Big Red Horse - demo
Big Red Horse - 2020
Black Gasoline - She Gave Us Magic
Blackwood Jones
Blood In The Wire
Broke - One Nation Under Greed
Bovine Genocide - Gunshop Peepshow
Bright Young Hopefuls - Apparition
Bright Young Hopefuls - As Skeletons Open Their Own Door
Bright Young Hopefuls - Drink Her Away
BRX - Welcome Home
Caged Hollow - In Time
The Candy Lords
Captain Carl's Tuesday Night Blues Band - 12 Bar Bridge
Caracalla - Blood Eagle
Caracalla - Knives On The Senate Floor
Caracalla - This Is Ruin
Chapel Of The Eye
Chrome Star Hustlers - Pheyodelic Dragster
The Cloudscape Connection - Brightest Light
The Cloudscape Connection - Clandestine
The Cloudscape Connection - Eater Of Life
The Cloudscape Connection - Gut Check
The Cloudscape Connection - Incantation
The Cloudscape Connection - Incarnatus Apocalypse
The Cloudscape Connection - Out To Sea
The Cloudscape Connection - The Servant Leads
The Cloudscape Connection - Stray Home
The Cloudscape Connection - Valhalla
Compendious - Beyond Our Sense Of Awareness
Compendious - Causality
Conquer The Pacific - Adrift
Contact - Violence Solves Everything
Corpus Delecti - Blasphemy Embodiment
Corpus Delecti - Cremation
Crop - demo
Crop - Duster
The Crucifier - Cursed Cross
The Crucifier - Innocent World
The Crucifier - Merciless Conviction
Crushed To Dust
The Cups - B.Y.O. OB/GYN
Danger Bros - demo
Darconigan - Helm, Shield and Spear 
Darconigan - Shattered Souls And Broken Blades
Dead Commuter
Dead Commuter - Tendrils
Dead Commuter - To Cast Aside The Crown
Dead Friend Walking - Peaced Out
Dead Friend Walking - Under The Skin
Decimation - ...And The Meek Lay Dead
Decimation - The Undead Shall Inherit
Dishonorable Bastards
Dishonorable Bastards - Out Of Order
Distributor - Compulsive Cerimonial 
Distributor - Jesus Never Had Acid
Distributor - Play Things Of Alien Forces
Dreadstar Rising - Metal For The Masses
Easy Killer - Galactic Sin
Empire Falls 
Ever Thus
The Evolution Of Pain - Before We Die...
Excursion - demo 1993
Excursion - Demo '95
False Flag - Celestial Download
False Flag - No New Normal
False Lies - Creature Comforts
Fetal Autopsy - Backwoods Bloodshed
Fetal Autopsy - Collection Of Dead Flesh
Fetal Autopsy - demo
Fetal Autopsy - Plagues
Fetal Autopsy - Rituals Of Murder
The Fifth Fire - Larger Than Death
The Fifth Fire - Melolagnia
Final Prayer
Fist - The Fist Has Landed
Forever Faded - The Battle
Fossilized - Eat Or Be Eaten
Friedbunny - Broken Premise
Friedbunny - Chagrin
Friedbunny - Farewell
Friedbunny - Hypnagogial
Friedbunny - Sparkle
Friedbunny - Veracity (ft. Veedya)
Ghost Town Strays - Death From Space 
Nick Gibbs - Shit Starter
Rhett Gindlesberger - In The Middle Of Nowhere
Grand Facade
Grand Facade - Facelift ep
Grand Facade - Fields Of Thought 
Guse - Pepperoni Big
Hate Made Easy - Inner Peace Through Violence
Haverhill Ensemble - Sweet Peace
Head:Space - Cheers So Long
Head:Space - In Melancholy
Head:Space - Smells Like Love...It Stinks
The Hero Narrative - Despot Times
Hess N Hell
Hess N Hell - Lady Evil
Hess N Hell - Vol 2
High Five For Fisting - Live From Red Cat Studios
Hour/Glass - Confessions
Drew J. Howard
Drew J. Howard - II
Drew J. Howard - Breathing Underwater 
Drew J. Howard - Paths Home
Drew J. Howard - You'd Never Believe 
Hungry Bear - Take It To The Edge
Hybridphonic - Zeven
Il Da Morte
Imajjjin - An Arduous Bloodlust
Imajjjin - Path Of The Nomad
Imajjjin - Twister
Ionos - Bath Salts
Ionos - EP
Ionos - True Nature
Isms - Hate You All
Isms - Lighted Bay
IVR - comp 1
IVR - comp 2 
Jackass xXx - Gender Denial Surgery
Judgement Finger
JWL - Abracadaver
JWL - The Damn Yankee
JWL - Even Further
JWL - Exit Inside
JWL - Rightmare
JWL - The Stumbler   
Kaotic Circle - jagermeister sampler
Karmic Fusion - Pre Existing Funky Condition
King Bruiser - The Heartless Ones Are Home
Knifewound - Eternally Rotting
Knifewound - Slashing Blades Of Carnage
Rhea LeAnn - Hide Yer Eyes
Librium - The Demonstration
Librium - Librium
Librium - Rise Of The Hate Machine
Love Like War - Affix Bayonets
Machines Of Industry
Machines Of Industry - Everybody Hates
Machines Of Industry - Final Act Of Defiance
Mammoth - Corporate Greed
M.F.A.'s Piranah - Spawning
Milkwave - We All Know What You've Done 
Milkwave - Sunshine  
Milkwave - Show Me A Smile  
Milkwave - Complex Savior
Falcon Morris - A Thousand Night's Solitude
Falcon Morris - Eclipse
Falcon Morris - Reflections
Jessie Nichols - Cosmic Panic (feat. Caleb Chronic)
Jessie Nichols - They're Right There (feat. Ethan Thompson)
Jessie Nichols - Waste No Time
Jessie Nichols - Who (feat. Matt Ortiz & Drew J. Howard)
Noizome Groove - Plastic Revelation
Nursing Home Panty Raid - 3 Song EP
Odds Against - Brotherhood
Odds Against - The House Always Wins
Odds Against - In Our Blood
Odds Against - Nobody Cares
The Ordeal - Shadow
Porcellian - May The Bridges I Burn Light The way
Porcellian - Secrets
Pretty O.K.
Public Assassin - Their Intentions Unnameable
Rage Is My Rival - Beggar's Choice
Rage Is My Rival - Hidden Enemies & Forsaken Friends
Reform In Ruin
Reginn - Der Tod
Reginn - Haunted By Spectraphobic Visions 
The Resurrectionist
Rez Talva - Last Wednesday
Ritualist - Praebrian
Ritualist - Sleepy EP
Rivalries/Aside - Hubris I
Roche Limit - Demons
Sanctus Infernum
Sanctus Infernum - Martyr
Sanctus Infernum - Other Gods
Savage - demo
Savage - Unleashed
Screams Of Kroenen - Don't Worry About It Stupid
The Serpent Overlord - Awakening
The Serpent Overlord - Nos Disperdere Nos
Sluice - Down With Unity
Sluice - Earwax Test
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - Spoon
Snotweb - Atmospheric Slime
Snotweb - demo '88 
So Many Scars
The Space Between
The Space Between - Forest Of The Fallen
Spidercorpse - Force Fed Bits Of Human Flesh
Spidercorpse - Pigcunt 
Stompin Ground - Generica
Subsurface - Sounds From Below
Subsurface - Underground Rock
Suffocate The Skies - By Way Of Black Fire
Suffocate The Skies - Heathenwulf
Suffocate The Skies - Leech
Sweet Pauli Pain - Kill Em Relax & Mingle
Swept Aside
Temple Of The Damned - Awaken
Temple Of The Damned - Farewell To The Flesh
Terror Tractor
Terror Tractor - Karate Donkey
Tetrafuze - Break The Cycle
Tetrafuze - Dysphoria
Tetrafuze - Pain Worth The Prize
The Tits - Leche' De Madre
Torrent - Breaking The Element
Torrent - Gods Of A Fallen Empire 
Aaron Traffas Band - Dirt Red Sun 
Aaron Traffas Band - Enter: The Wind 
Aaron Traffas Band - Real Small Town
The Trigger Effect
Tsavo - 8 Bodies Left
Untapped Market - A Profits Rising
Untapped Market - unreleased
Vas Odium - Blind Embrace
Victims Of Spotlight
Vigil In Nocturn - Death Never Sleeps 
Waking The Sleeper - 7 Deadly Sins
Without Sacrifice
Without Sacrifice - Blood, Sweat & Fears
Without Sacrifice - Past Static
Without Sacrifice - Take Your Pill Refill
Without Sacrifice - We The People
Without Sacrifice - Wipe The Slate
Wolfram - Rocks