Chapel of the Eye demo 1996 @ Sixth Sense Studios 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Kenny Kopf - guitar 
Jeff Davis - drums 
Steve Gooding - bass

Grand Facade - Fields of Thought 2000 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Ernie Clark - guitar 
Mark Anderson - bass 
Scott Peters - drums 
Matt McBee - vocal

Grand Facade demo 2004 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Mark Anderson - guitar, bass 
Scott Peters - drums

Sanctus Infernum 2008 @ Anybody Listening? studio - released Bad Mood Man 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Mark Anderson - Guitar, bass 
Chris Johnson - drums

Sanctus Infernum - Martyr 2009 @ Anybody Listening? Studio 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Mark Anderson - guitar 
Chris Johnson - drums 
Scott Peters - bass

Antipas demo 2011 @ Purple Haze Studio 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Howard Jones - viola 
Yip Tan - guitar 
Drake Anthony Lank - bass 
Dale Freeman - drums

Crushed to Dust demo 2012 @ Purple Haze Studios 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Mark Anderson - Guitar, Bass 
Greg Brown - Drums

John Woodson's Leg - 2012 @ Bullet Ride Productions  
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
HT Brown - Guitar 
Blake Morrell - Bass 
Dustin Cates - Drums

JWL album "Exit Inside" released 2013 @ Bullet Ride Productions  
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
HT Brown - Guitar 
Blake Morrell - Bass 
Dustin Cates - Drums 
Howard Cary Jones - Viola

Grand Facade - The Facelift ep releases on Revolution Nine 2014 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Scott Peters - drums 
Mark Anderson - guitar, bass

Sanctus Infernum - Other Gods releases on Satanath Records, Niberu Records, Thanatology Productions May 2014 @ Bullet Ride Productions 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Mark Anderson - Guitars, bass 
Scott Peters - Drums 
Howard Cary Jones - Viola

Axx of Hate - Risen releases on Mulligore Productions Nov. 2014 @ Bullet Ride Productions  
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Mike Garrett - Guitar 
Mike Riker - Guitar 
Aaron Murray - Bass 
David Gleason - Drums 
Regina Raven Turney - Vocal 
Juana Villa - Vocal

Vas Odium - In Space (single) releases 2016 @ Soupsounds Studio
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Aaron Murray - bass
Matt Sikes - guitars
Chris Benton - drums

Torrent - Gods of a Fallen Empire releases 2016 @ Magnitude Creative
Matt Sikes - Vocal, guitar, bass, drums
Tyler Davis - guest vocal on "Tempestus"
Ricky Vannatta - guest vocal on "Colorblind"

JWL - Even Further releases 2017 @ Bullet Ride Productions 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
HT Brown - guitars 
Dustin Cates - drums 
James Barlow - guitars 
Blake Morrell - bass

Vas Odium - Blind Embrace (single) releases 2017 @ Magnitude Creative 
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Aaron Murray - bass 
Matt Sikes - guitars 
Jayson Rohrback - guitars 
Chris Benton - drums

JWL - The Stumbler (single) releases 2018 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Greg Garcia - bass
HT Brown - guitars
Dustin Cates - drums

Hess N Hell - 2019 @ Soupsounds Studio
Joel Hesser - guitars, drums, bass, vocals
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Andrew Olson - vocals
Dan Homeyer - vocals

JWL - Rightmare (single) releases 2019 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
HT Brown - guitars
Dustin Cates - drums
Greg Garcia - bass

The Cloudscape Connection - Out To Sea (single) releases 2020 @ Red Cat Recording
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Michael Vermillion - drums
Drew Howard - bass

JWL - The Damn Yankee (single) releases 2020 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Greg Garcia - bass
Dustin Cates - drums
HT Brown - guitars

Hybridphonic - Voice of The People releases 2020 @ Oddspot Records
Ricky Vannatta - guest vocal on "Lost In-Sane"
Casey Lilley - DJ
Renee Lilley -DJ

The Cloudscape Connection - Stray Home (single) releases 2021 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Iwan Finlayson- guitars
Drew J. Howard - bass
Michael Vermillion - drums

The Cloudscape Connection - Gut Check (single) releases 2021 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Michael Vermillion - drums
Drew J. Howard - bass

JWL - Abracadaver (single) releases 2021 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
HT Brown - guitars
Dustin Cates - drums
Greg Garcia - bass

The Cloudscape Connection - Valhalla (single) releases 2021 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Drew J. Howard - bass
Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Michael Vermillion - drums
Howard Cary Jones - viola

The Cloudscape Connection - Brightest Light (single) releases 2021 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Drew J. Howard - bass
Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Michael Vermillion - drums
Howard Cary Jones - viola

Haverhill Ensemble - Sweet Peace (single) releases 2021 @ Red Cat Recording
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Abigail Vannatta - vocal
Drew J. Howard - bass
Rick Fisher - drums
Howard Cary Jones - viola 

The Cloudscape Connection - Incarnatus Apocalypse (single) releases 2021 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Drew J. Howard - bass
Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Howard Cary Jones - viola
Cameran Clark - guitars
Michael Vermillion - drums

The Cloudscape Connection - Incantation (single) releases 2022 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Drew J. Howard - bass
Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Howard Cary Jones - viola
Cameron Cook - guitars
Michael Vermillion - drums

Drew J. Howard - You'd Never Believe (ft.RV) (single) releases 2022 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Drew J. Howard - music

The Cloudscape Connection - Clandestine (single) releases 2022 @ Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocal
Drew J. Howard - bass
Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Howard Cary Jones - viola
Cameron Cook - guitars

Reginn - Haunted By Spectraphobic Visions (single) releases 2022
Reginn - Everything
Ricky Vannatta - clean vocals

Drew J. Howard - Breathing Underwater (single) releases 2023 @ Brickyard Studio/Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocals
Drew J. Howard -  music

The Cloudscape Connection - The Servant Leads (single) releases 2023 @ Bullet Ride Productions 
Ricky Vannatta - vocals
Drew J. Howard - bass
Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Howard Cary Jones - viola 
Cameron Clark - guitars
Wiwied Tri - drums

Isms - Hate You All (single, 2 versions) releases 2023 @ Purple Haze Studio/Bullet Ride Productions
Ricky Vannatta - vocals 
Steve Lampley - guitars
Arnold Jaso - drums
Howard Cary Jones - Viola
Falcon Morris - Piano
Dustin Ridder - drums
Drew J. Howard - bass




                                                                 Kansas Bands I've Seen Live

At least what I can remember. In no particular order for no particular reason. Just message me if you'd rather I use a different link. 


AxX of Hate
Acoustic Rhythme System
A Grave Calling
Ashes of The Armada
The Affiliates
At First Glance 
The American Strange


Black Wall Monument
Big Red Horse
Black Box Warning
The Banned
Bliss on Tap
Blood in The Wire
Below the well
Beneath The Burning Sun
Bottom Feeder
The Bloody Wayside
Bleed The Victim 
The Jennifer Byers Project
Ryan Brooks


Carrie Nation And The Speak Easy
Continent of Ash
Corpus Delecti
Color Shave
Caged Hollow
The Cups
Chosen Few
The Calm
Creeping Shadows
Les Clark
Chubra Khan
Cemetery Suicide
Cult of Marsupial
Culture Rot


Dirt Wizard
The Death Scene
Dead Orchestra
Dead Commuter
Dead Friend Walking
Dirty Empire
Cassandra Davis
Dishonorable Bastards
Drawn Onward
Deep Throat 
Dreadstar Rising 
Diabolical Orange Monkey 
Danger Brothers 
Dyre Lupine 
Doomed For Death 


End of Story
Empire Falls
El Cuco
Eleven After
The Evolution of Pain
Eyes Like Headlights
The Esoteric
Effigy of Thought
Every Second 
The Emerald City in Ruins
Easy Killer


Filius Sol
Fraktured Black
Fractured Form
Friday's Waiting
Jordan Ford
The Fifth Fire 
For The Birds 
Final Thoughts 
Forever Faded
From Ashes


The Grudge
Gringo Sapiens
Groove Mind Pool
The Gabriel Project
Dusty Grant 
Gravity Waves 
Ghost Town Strays


High Five For Fisting
Hollow Inside
Hardcore Motherfuckers
The Hero Narrative 
Hollow Age 


Improper Burial
Initial Impact 


The Joy Coughs
The Javamen
John Woodson's Leg


The Kentucky Gentlemen
King Bruiser
King Me
Kaotic Circle
Kings of The Fallen
Killing Katie


Lucid Earth
The Last Century Syndicate 
Love Like War 
Love Family Band
Les Ismore & The Minimalists 
Little Smoke


Manilla Road
Mad Libby
My Fathers Gun
Midget Pounder
Nick Mcewen & The 33
Murder Ordained
The Many
Melting Point of Bronze 
Mystery Blood 
The Merkins 
Whitnie Means


Nursing Home Panty Raid
No Soliciting
Nothing is Everything
No Coast Refugees 
Veronika Nelson 
Nova Theory


Once Human
Order of Magnitude
Odds Against
The Over 


Poultry 'N Motion
Price Mitchel System
Planet Arsenol
Puckurd Starfish
Pretty Ugly
The Phantom Caravan
Tom Page Trio
Project Revolution


Question of Honor


Ricky Fitts
Riot Nurse
Reign in Peril
The Redneck Astronauts
Rabbit's 666
Roche Limit 



The Space Between
The Serpent Overlord
Shatter The Memories
Six Ways To Sunday
Season's After
Slow Reveal
Slime Flower
Screams of Kroenen
Spirit of The Stairs
Sun & Stone
The Source
Stompin Ground
Sorrow By Truth                                                                                                        
Seasonal Reign
Split Lip Rayfield
Sleepy Truckers
Soup Can Maggot                                                                                
Swept Aside                                                                                                                                                                                                         She's Dead Jim                        
Set Apart
Scarred Soul 
Seven Year Itch
Saints & Strangers 
Suffocate The Skies 
The Solars 
Sunshine Trucking
Madeline Selby 


Temple of The Damned
Trial By Fire
True Illusion
Terror Tractor
Trip Sofa
Theorosa's Bridge
Torn The Fuck Apart
Terrible Airplane
The Trigger Effect
Thurman G Invaders
Tyler G
Throes of Rejection
The 33
The Tits 
Terran Severance 
They Watch Us From The Moon


Untapped Market
Under the Burning Sun


Victims of Spotlight
Variable Speed Control


Waffle Stomp
Jenny Wood
Sara Wacker
Winter in Eden
Without Sacrifice
Henry Walker & The Regents
Waking The Sleeper
Witch Cradle 
Wabash & Lake




Yellow King


                                                            Shared the stage with


The Evolution of Pain, Ancient Creation, Terror Tractor, Gulch, The Invisible Hand, Infiniti Engine, Dieverge, Nursing Home Panty Raid, Sluice, Leary, Meatshank, Saetith, Torn The Fuck Apart, Marsupial, Under The Burning Sun, Question of Honor, Sweet Pauli Pain, Decimation, Sorrow By Truth, Effigy of Thought, Devour The Dead, Eyes Like Headlights, Guinevere, A Grave Calling, Manilla Road, Soup Can Maggot, Dissectory, Hellnight, The Revenants, Led Astray, Wave Steady, The Backsliders, Dempsey Method, Swept Aside, Garoted, Typhon, The Emerald City in Ruins, Chthonic, Stonehaven, Beneath the Burning Sun, Caged Hollow, Hellgoat, Life Feeds on Life, Witchreign, Pile of Priests, Dead Commuter, Vanlade, Scalafrea, SSWG, Ashes of the Armada, Below the Well, Hostility(CA), Jucifer, Librium, Plaguebot, Nothing is Everything, The Terrible Airplane, Megaton Leviathon, Scarred Soul, Trigger Effect, Manteum, The Calm, Thermon G Invaders, Henry Walker and the Regents, Pirannas, Riot Nurse, No Coast Refugees, Nick McEwen $ The 33, Tyler G, Dirty Empire, Chubra Khan, Throes of Rejection, Dishonorable Bastards, Deadcore, Left To Die, Systematic, Destruction, Burning the Shadows, The Bloody Wayside, Blue Felix, Deicide, Broke, Crop, Narcotic Wasteland, Suffocate The Skies, Dead Orchestra, Yellow King, Kings of the Fallen, Randall Conrad Olinger, Piranhas, Dusty Grant, Apathy Syndrome, Freedom 45, Hollow Point Lobotomy, Starting an Earthquake, Horned Wolf, Waking The Sleeper, Eulogy For Ophelia, Fetal Autopsy, Abjure, Gorgatron, Brutalur, Demonic Plague, Groin Mallet, Mercurial, Bill Nye Da Nazi Spy, Rimjob, Otus, Malicyde, Odds Against, The Space Between, Suffer to Live, Fist, The Ziggowatts, Equivoque, Black Summer rain, A Rebel Few, Dead Horse Trauma, The Damage, Everybody Panic!, September Mourning, Shiva, Oryx, Bridegeist, Teeth, Gorgasm, Whoracle, Bleed The Victim, Nefirum, Ahtme, Damned By the Pope, Destroyer of Light, The Affiliates, Ohmz, Moral Deficiency, Hideous, Perigean Tide, El Chingon, Eve of Chaos, Gutwretch, Caracalla, Night Creation, Narcotic Self, Inflection, Eleven After, Gringo Sapiens, Absalom, Vital Remains, Necronomicon, Ritualist, Shatter the Memories, Screams of Kroenen, Pandora Roxx, Skinned, Advocate, Profzilla, Years Ahead, Mammoth, Filius Sol, PMS, Wavboys, The Familia, Old Man Creeky Bones, Ted Bundy Style, Knifewound, Fractured Form, The Excellence of Execution, Forseeing the Silence, Sign of Lies, Dirty Crush, Waffle Stomp, Metal Neck, Brea, Without Sacrifice, Il Da Morte, A Liars Trial, Dead Friend Walking, Friday's Waiting, Black Tide, Six Ways To Sunday, Murder Ordained, Enslaved By Fear, Machine in the Mountain, Lucid Earth, Once Human, Improper Burial, A Plague in Faith, The Death Scene, Absence of Despair, Zombie Drive-In, Troglodyte, Apparition, Empire Falling, JB and the Gunslingers, Sontia Wolf, Mabel, Empire Down, A Wolf Among Lambs, Unmerciful, Zerotheist, Sock Party, Dirtmother, Hellbeast, Soul Craft Black, Luke Wade, Dischordia, Aces Load'd, Smile As It Dies, Creeper, Left to Die, Bearodactyl, Orchids, Kingshifter, The Phantom Caravan, Mut, Ketamyne, Trip Sofa, Llama, Bliss on Tap, Structure, Steeltoe, Overture, Mudvein, Punchline, 8 Over, 4 King Stud, Grain, Smolder, Ten-o-two, Zerocell, Dark Matter, Bright Young Hopefuls, No Soliciting, Dark Earth, Grain of Honor, Groove Mind Pool, The Kentucky Gentlemen, Temple of The Damned, Vampira & The Braineaters, The Last Savior of God, Marasmus, Malice 420, Jungle Rot, Planet Arsenol, Glockwerk, Apathy, Jordan Ford, Midget Pounder, Cesium, Puckurd Starfish, Hostility, The Over, A Different Breed, Exit/Skies, Rabbits 666, Limits, Secrets, Your Last Chance, Gallivant, Drowning in the Platte, The Hideous, Azimuth, Fist, Iron Guts Kelly, Nine, Contact, Jack Covington, Mudd Flux, Alterblood, Rivalries/Aside, Vicious Rumors, Cloven Hoof, The Hero Narrative, Conquer The Pacific, Aether, Saul, Ghost Town Strays, The Fifth Fire, Flashpoint, Cloak, Pyra, Antropox, Roche Limit, Blackthorne Elite, Veronika Nelson, The American Strange, Sarkoptic, Peace, Love & Strychnine, Pharis, TerraDactyl, Anhedonia, Wyldra, Sadistic Tones, Fallen Reign, Till Hell, Cynge, Siren, Tiananmen Squares, Final Thoughts, Terran Severance, Love Like War, Imajjjin, For The Birds, (A)ether, Hollow Age, Forever Faded, Project Revolution, Secrets of A Ghost, Full Frontal Feedback, Diabolical Orange Monkey, Old Musty Bastards, Rumblefish, Whitnie Means, Les Ismore & The Minimalists, Nick Gibbs, Glen Shipman, Bilistic, Lively Up,                   

                                                                   Bands Seen Live

Azimuth(NE) 3-31-18    
American Head Charge(MN) 3-17-15
Aborning(GA) 6-18-15    
Arch Enemy(Sweden) 7-29-15
Advocate(OK) 8-15-15    
Abiotic(FL) 9-23-15    
A Million Souls(Puerto Rico) 4-1-16    
Ancient Creation(MO)    
Aborticide(CA) 3-27-13    
Anciients(Canada) 6-9-13    
A Wolf Among Lambs(OK) 8-24-13    
Armed For The Apocalypse(CA) 9-30-13    
Abigail Williams(AZ) 2-21-14    
Absence of Despair(RI) 6-10-14    
A Plague in Faith(MO) 6-21-14, 7-12-14    
All Hail The Yeti(CA) 11-16-14        
Allegaeon(CO) 2-19-17, 6-4-11, 5-30-14
A Liars Trial(MO)
Abby Anderson(TX)
Apathy Syndrome(IA) 9-16-17    
A Different Breed(NE) 3-11-18    
As Blood Runs Black(CA) 12-18-10, 8-3-11    
As I Lay Dying(CA) 3-11-11
Animals as Leaders(DC) 7-14-11    
Aranda(OK) 12-14-11
Aegaeon(IL) 12-26-11, 2-22-13    
After The Burial(MN) 3-17-12, 4-23-19
Abysmal Dawn(CA) 4-19-12
Arkaik(CA) 4-19-12    
Acid Bath(LA)
Tori Amos(NC)
Alice in Chains(WA) 7-6-91 
Anthrax(NY) 7-6-91, 1-17-06, 10-18-11    
Aces Load'd(NE) 3-22-13 
Agents of Oblivion(LA)
Angeldust(Germany) 4-22-01
Archer Nation(CA) 7-24-10, 3-27-19
Alterblood(OK) 8-25-18
A Perfect Circle(CA) 11-14-18
Anvil(Canada) 3-27-19
Anhedonia(NE) 2-8-20 
Ares Kingdom(MO) 6-11-22



Bodysnatcher(FL) 5-4-18    
Burning Nursery(AR) 6-18-15    
Beyond Creation(Canada) 7-29-15
Battling Giants(NE) 7-31-15
Battlecross(MI) 8-29-15    
Blakk Mantra(CO) 8-30-15    
Blue Felix(MN) 10-4-13, 10-26-11
By The Thousands(MN) 6-3-14    
Bound(OK) 8-2-14
Black Tide(FL) 8-25-14
Brea(OK) 10-17-14
Black Summer Rain(TX) 10-14-16    
Barren(AR) 2-28-17
Bill Nye Da Nazi Spy(IA) 8-20-17    
Belphegor(Austria) 5-17-11    
The Black Dahlia Murder(MI) 8-3-11     
Bodybag Fit For A King(IL) 3-7-13
Bar 7(CA)    
Britny Fox(PA) 3-21-89
Beneath The Massacre(Canada)
Buckethead(CA) 11-26-99
Bad Company(UK) 
Boothill 10-28-00
The Backsliders(TX) 7-17-09
Black Label Society(CA) 11-12-10, 4-14-15
Bang Tango(CA) 7-24-10
Black 'N Blue(OR) 7-24-10  
Blackthorne Elite(OK) 6-29-19   
Bush(UK) 8-2-19
Michael Angelo Batio(CA) 2-19-20
Blind Oath(OK) 6-11-22


Coal Chamber(CA) 3-17-15
Combichrist(GA) 3-17-15    
Crowning Alice(MO) 5-2-15    
Costello(OK) 5-21-16
C.O.C.(NC) 5-23-16, 7-22-18
Code Orange(PA) 5-25-16        
Cemetery Rapist(IL) 3-27-13
Chevelle(IL) 4-15-14    
Culture Killer(FL) 7-31-16    
Crunk Witch(MN) 10-19-17    
Cannibal Corpse(NY) 4-19-12    
The Contortionist(IN) 2-6-13
Creeper(TX) 2-16-13
Counting Crows(CA)
Child's Play(MD) 
Creed(FL) 10-13-00
Collective Soul(GA) 10-13-00    
Candlebox(WA) 11-10-06
Cattle Decapitation(CA) 7-29-15, 2-19-17    
Chthonic(Taiwan) 10-18-09
Children of Bodom(Finland) 11-12-10
Clutch(MD) 11-12-10, 5-23-16, 3-8-19
Crafter(MA) 7-10-18
Casket Robbery(WI) 7-11-18    
Cloven Hoof(UK) 9-29-18  
Castle(CA) 4-16-19
Cloak(GA) 4-28-19
Cut Both Ways(WA) 7-31-19




Drowning in the Platte(NE) 3-31-18
Desecrate Ethereal(IA) 4-12-18    
Death By Diesel(MO) 5-2-15    
The Defiled(London) 7-3-15
Deep Purple(England) 8-8-15
Dorothy(CA) 4-13-16    
Deftones(CA) 5-25-16
Dischordia(OK) 3-29-13    
Dirtmother(AR) 4-20-13    
Decapitated(Poland) 6-9-13    
Darkest Hour(DC) 7-3-13    
Dark Earth(CA) 8-25-13    
Destroyer of Light(TX) 10-17-13, 6-29-14, 6-19-16
Dogs of Delphi(MO) 3-29-14        
Damned By The Pope(MO) 6-25-16, 8-19-17        
Dead Horse Trama(IA) 9-23-16
Death Division(CA) 9-23-16    
Discrepancies(MO) 2-17-17    
Devourist(MO) 8-19-17    
Death May Die(MO) 8-19-17    
Dream Theater(NY) 11-2-17
DRI(TX) 5-23-11
Dead Letter Circus(Australia) 7-14-11
Deadcore(OK) 1-12-13, 1-11-13
Dark Sermon(FL) 2-22-13    
Danger Danger(NY)    
Disturbed(IL) 4-27-08    
The Dilinger Escape Plan(NJ)    
Death Angel(CA) 10-18-11, 9-12-22
Devour The Dead(FL) 9-20-08
Dying Fetus(MD) 8-3-11, 2-6-13    
Deadbolt(CA) 4-21-00, 3-8-01, 8-12-99
Dead Earth Polotics(TX) 
Deicide(FL) 10-22-09
Divine Heretic(OK) 10-30-10 
Deterioration(MN) 10-24-21 
DeFrance(AR) 5-29-22 
Dust Lord(OK) 9-25-22

Everybody Panic!(OK) 5-10-13, 9-23-16
Empire Down(OK) 8-24-13    
Erimha(Canada) 2-21-14
Enslaved By Fear(OK) 7-26-14
Eye Empire(FL,GA,OH) 10-26-11
Every Time I Die(NY) 3-3-12        
Exumed(CA) 4-19-12
Eminent(CA) 9-18-09
EyeHateGod(LA) 7-22-18  
Exodus(CA) 9-12-22


Final Drive(MO) 1-13-15    
Filter(OH) 3-17-15    
Lita Ford(CA) 4-13-16    
Fetal Autopsy(OK) 11-29-14, 6-25-16
Freedom 45(MO) 7-22-17 
Fleshgod Apocalypse(Italy) 8-3-11
Firstryke(OK) 10-29-11
Former Thieves(IA) 3-3-12    
Fear of God(CA) 11-12-    
Forever in Terror(OH)
Fear Factory(CA) 1-25-01
Fuel(PA) 7-24-10  
Frozen Soul(TX) 6-18-19  
Fed Ash(CO) 9-12-19 
Fallen Reign(NE) 2-8-20
Full Frontal Feedback(OK) 10-31-20


Garoted(NE) 6-25-16, 10-18-09, 6-5-10
Gorgasm(IL) 6-25-16
Gorgatron(ND) 6-25-16, 10-30-22
Grindscape(CO) 6-28-14        
The Great Electric Quest(CA) 3-22-17
Gojira(France) 5-12-17    
Gourmand(MO) 8-19-17
Gallivant(NE) 3-25-18    
Gothic Slam(NJ) 3-2-90
Grain of Honor(OK) 12-15-12
Grave(Sweden) 11-12-    
God Forbid(NJ) 4-22-01
Gwar(VA) 10-8-09                          
The Green Country Irate(OK) 7-18-21
Gov't Mule(FL) 6-8-22   
Gatecreeper(AZ) 10-18-22                                           

The Hideous(NE) 3-31-18    
Habitual Defilement(CA) 3-21-16
Halestorm(PA) 4-13-16, 9-23-17
Heartsick(MI) 4-1-16
The Hooten Hallers(MO) 5-30-13    
Hatchet(CA) 6-25-14    
Helion Prime(CA) 6-26-17    
Hollow Point Lobotomy(MO) 9-16-17    
Hate(Poland) 5-17-11
Hemlock(NV) 10-9-11
Hear Kitty Kitty(CA) 4-27-12    
Hellbeast(AR) 4-20-13, 11-17-12, 3-22-13
Hairball(MN) 1-25-13    
Hallow Point(MO) 5-15-18
Hell Yeah(TX) 6-1-07,12-19-07    
Hell Within(MA)
Hatebreed(CT) 7-29-07, 2-6-13
Hillbilly Cafe(TX) 10-9-99, 1-22-00
Hellnight(Norway) 7-12-09
Hostility(CA) 6-13-10
Hellgoat(TX) 1-16-10, 8-11-12, 1-19-13    
Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys(MO) 10-9-99 
Hairball 2-22-20


Ingested(UK) 5-4-18    
Il Da Morte(MO) 6-21-14, 8-29-14, 10-3-14    
Incite(AZ) 11-16-14                                                                                     
In The Midst of Lions(MO) 12-18-10
In This Moment(CA) 1-11-11, 7-3-15
Intronaut(CA) 7-14-11
I Mother Earth(Canada)
Incantation(PA) 11-12-
Incubus(CA) 11-26-99
In Flames(Sweden) 12-4-00, 11-2-19
The Immortal Lee County Killers(AL)
Icarus Witch(PA) 7-24-10
Intent(AZ) 3-29-22

Jason & The Punknecks(CA) 
Jackyl(GA) 10-29-11    
Jars of Clay(TN)
Jungle Rot(WI) 10-22-09
Jucifer(GA) 9-25-10
Jetboy(CA) 7-24-10
Eric Johnson(TX) 1-20-19
Don Jamieson 3-27-19     
ValLimar Jansen 1-18-20 
Judas Priest 11-12-22                                                                                  

Jonathan Kingham(TN) 11-21-14
Keep of Kalessin(Norway) 5-17-11
Kings X(MO)    
Kix(MD) 3-21-89    
Killswitch Engage(MA) 1-24-08, 4-23-19    
Kittie(Canada) 1-25-01
Kiss(NY) 5-9-90                                                                                  

The Last Savior Of God(CO) 6-22-13
Legend 8-19-17        
Letlive(CA) 1-24-11    
Last Chance To Reason(ME) 7-14-11
Bill Leverty(VA) 12-6-11
Laaz Rockit(CA) 3-2-90    
Left to Die(OK) 1-12-13    
George Lynch(CA) 
Life of Agony(NY)
Lamb of God(VA) 7-29-07, 10-8-09, 6-9-13, 5-23-16
Light this City(CA) 
Led Astray(MO)                                     
L.A.Guns/Tracii Guns(CA) 10-23-10
Life Feeds on Life(OK) 1-16-10    
Live(PA) 8-2-19                                 

Miscon(TX) 4-10-18
Mobile Deathcamp(OH) 1-13-15
The Matador(NE) 8-29-15
Malicyde(OK) 8-24-13, 8-12-17    
Marasmus(MO) 11-20-13, 4-5-14
Morbid Angel(FL) 11-20-13
Middle Class Rut(CA) 4-15-14
Machine in the Mountain(OK) 7-26-14        
Meatshank(MO) 8-19-17, 3-29-08, 7-26-08, 8-29-08    
Megaton Leviathon(OR) 4-11-11
Mushroomhead(OH) 10-26-11
Miss May I(OH) 3-17-12, 7-3-13     
Mureau(CA) 6-18-12
Felix Martin(Venezuela) 9-26-12
Mine Enemies Fall(MI) 3-7-13
Megadeth(CA) 7-6-91, 5-25-12
Motley Crue(CA)
Malice 420(PA) 7-22-05
Mudd Flux(OK) 8-25-18
Misadventures(WI) 10-6-18
Molten(NE) 2-7-20
Mr. Sipp(MS) 6-8-22

Nihil(MA) 4-7-18
North(AZ) 9-4-15
Necronomicon(Canada) 10-22-15    
Night Creation(MO) 6-10-16
Narcotic Self(NE) 6-10-16    
Nothing More(TX) 4-15-14
Necropanther(CO) 11-11-16
Nailed Shut(MN) 8-19-17    
New Years Day(CA) 9-23-17
Narcotic Wasteland(SC) 10-27-17    
No Bragging Rights(CA) 1-24-11
Neuraxis(Canada) 5-17-11
Nevermore(WA) 4-22-01
No Address(FL) 1-21-05
Nine(MO) 6-16-18 
Night Club(CA) 11-14-18
Nequient(IL) 6-19-19
No/Mas(DC) 8-23-22



Outlier(CA) 4-7-18    
Operation: Mindcrime(WA) 3-13-16    
Oryx(CO) 8-21-16    
Opium Western(AR)
Randall Conrad Olinger(CO) 9-29-17    
Oceano(IL) 8-3-11
One Eyed Doll(TX) 3-14-13    
Ozzy Osbourne(UK)
Otep(CA) 3-14-13   
Opeth(Sweden) 4-22-01, 5-12-17
156/Silence(PA) 10-6-18
Our Lady Peace(Canada) 8-2-19
Of Limbo(CA) 8-10-21

Puscifer(CA) 4-26-16
Protest(TX) 8-27-17
Prophecy(TX) 8-27-17
Powerglove(MA) 8-3-11
Picture Me Broken(CA) 3-14-13
Psychostick(AZ) 10-26-11
The Plot in You(OH) 3-17-12    
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers(FL) 4-26-12
Primus(CA) 11-26-99, 11-4-12
Willy Porter(WI) 
Pantera(TX) 3-29-92   
Poison Okies(OK) 1-21-00, 7-28-00, 7-29-00, 10-7-00
Pile of Priests(CO) 6-5-10     
Papa Roach(CA) 3-19-19
Parkway Drive(Wales) 4-23-19
Poolside At The Flamingo(CO) 8-25-19
Pharis(NE) 2-8-20





Queensryche(WA) 11-12-22                                                                                         

Reaping Asmodeia(MN) 9-23-15
The Rebel Few(Canada) 10-14-16
Henry Rollins(DC) 11-23-16        
Riven(CA) 4-12-12    
Ratt(CA) 3-21-89, 5-16-10
Reverend Horton Heat(TX)
Reverber Rocket 10-9-99
The Revenants(KY) 7-12-09
Red Line Chemistry(MO) 5-16-10
Rig Time(WI) 10-6-18, 6-19-19 
Ringworm(OH) 8-25-19
Red(TN) 11-2-19
Raven(Britain) 10-31-21


Secrets(CA) 3-25-18    
Seed(MO) 5-2-15    
Soul Craft Black(OK) 4-12-13
Sock Party(AR) 4-20-13    
Skinned(CO) 6-27-14, 8-24-15, 8-27-17
Skinlab(CA) 11-16-14
Sex Knuckle(ND) 6-24-16        
Stonecutters(KY) 8-30-16, 3-8-18
September Mourning(CA) 9-23-16    
Sierra(Canada) 6-27-17    
Starting an Earthquake(MO) 9-16-17
Starset(OH) 9-23-17    
Slash(CA) 1-21-11    
Scarlet O'Hara(TX) 1-24-11
Six Feet Under(FL) 8-3-11
Skeletonwitch(OH) 10-9-11
Staind(MA) 12-14-11
Stray From The Path(NY) 3-3-12    
Structures(Canada) 3-17-12    
Regina Spektor(Russia) 4-26-12
Systematic Destruction(OK) 1-12-13
Smile As It Dies(CO) 3-9-13        
Sevendust(GA) 1-28-04, 7-1-07
Suicide Silence(CA)
Slipknot(IA) 3-29-05
Shinedown(FL) 1-21-05    
Slayer(CA) 7-6-91
Shadows Fall(MA) 12-4-00, 2-6-13
Saetith(MO) 3-29-08
Savatage(FL) 4-26-90
Skid Marx 6-18-01
Syrup(MA) 4-25-01
Stick to Your Guns(CA) 11-28-09
Scalafrea(CO) 6-5-10
S.S.W.G.(IL) 10-30-10, 6-5-10
Speaker(Canada) 7-10-18    
Saul(IA) 10-13-18  
Skatenigs(TX) 3-28-19   
Shitbag(TX) 4-9-19
Sadistic Tones(NE) 2-8-20
Secrets of A Ghost(OK) 10-31-20
Snuffed On Sight(CA) 8-23-22
Sanguisugabogg(OH) 8-23-22
Snake Father(TX) 8-27-22 
Stryper(CA) 9-25-22



The Things They Carried(NY) 4-10-15    
36 Crazyfists(AK) 7-3-15    
Tennessee Murder Club(SD) 11-20-13    
Thee Massacre(MN) 6-3-14
Troglodyte(MO) 6-10-14    
36 Crazyfists(AK) 11-16-14    
Toad The Wet Sprocket(CA) 11-21-14    
T.R.O.Y.(MO) 10-7-16
Texas Hippie Coalition(TX) 12-16-16    
Thick as Blood(FL) 12-18-10
Taddy Porter(OK) 1-21-11
Testament(CA) 10-18-11, 9-12-22    
Terror(CA) 3-3-12    
Tramps White Lion(Denmark)
10 Years(TN)    
Trouble(IL) 4-26-90    
Tool(CA) 5-11-07
Theory of a Deadman(Canada) 4-21-05        
The Trip Daddys(MO) 9-28-02
Truckadelic(GA) 6-14-01
Through The Eyes of The Dead(SC)
Twisted Sister(NY) 7-24-10    
Toxic Ruin(WI) 7-11-18    
Tricky(UK) 11-14-18 
To Whom it May(TX) 3-23-19
Trembler(TX) 4-9-19
TerraDactyl(NE) 2-8-20 
Till Hell(NE) 2-8-20 
3 Inches Of Blood(British Columbia) 7-29-07
Tar Creek(OK) 2-25-23



Uberficker(MO) 1-9-16
Undeath(NY) 8-23-22                                                                                             

Valleys((OK) 6-20-15
Veil of Maya(IL) 7-29-15
Vital Remains(RI) 10-22-15
Vampira & The Brain Eaters(MO) 5-11-13    
Volbeat(Denmark) 5-25-12    
Veil of Maya(IL)
Vampire Mooose(MO)    
Steve Vai(NY) 10-26-99
Valdur(CA) 7-22-10    
Vicious Rumors(CA) 9-29-18                                                                             

Victor Wooten(ID) 3-6-15    
Wino(MD) 4-14-15
The Word Alive(AZ) 7-3-13    
Widower(TX) 10-17-13    
Without Sacrifice(TX) 6-2-17
Within The Ruins(MA) 8-3-11
Whitechapel(TN) 8-3-11, 3-17-12    
Wicked Smart Horn Band(NH) 8-3-12
The World We Knew(NY) 2-22-13    
White Lion(NY) 
War of Ages(PA)    
Warrior Soul(NY)    
White Zombie(NY)
Saul Williams(NY) 3-27-06
Wave Steady(MO) 
Warbeast(TX) 10-29-10
Winger(NY) 7-24-10
Winds of Plague(CA) 11-28-09, 3-11-11 
Wyldra(NE) 2-8-20 
Wonderfuzz(MO) 10-14-22                                                           

The X-Impossibles 3-8-01
XYZ(CA) 7-24-10                                                                                             

Your Last Chance(NE) 3-25-18
Y&T(CA) 7-24-10                                                                                             


Zerotheist(OK) 4-27-13
Zuul(IL) 1-19-13