From the recording Vas Odium

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Appears you died of natural cause. Rest in peace among the gods.If only permanent were it. You'd wade forever in life's shit.
And out of nothing. I built this dream. Can't let you come in and cause a scene.
Don't let the wicked touch your cause. Rest in values of no laws. Only limitless persist through a boundless sea as this.
You want faith. Then let go. You want sight. It's all show. You want life. Embrace death. You want right. Then know left.
To be as water. To leave no trace and what you worship. Becomes your grace.
Biggest wars are fought in silence. Meet your deepest fears with violence. Turn your cheek and they will stick. In a selfless place as this.
Once you see it. The mind won't let go. Once you free it. It no longer has a host.
Sold your soul for more than this. Sold your soul for wishful bliss.