1. Stray Home

From the recording 1

Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Ricky Vannatta - vocals
Michael Vermillion - drums
Drew Howard - bass
recorded at Bullet Ride Productions


Found the light inside me. To think that I could never see.
The ones that came before you. Leave fragments of an endless truth.

I know you'll go. Stray home. Soon they'll leave and we'll be free.

Rapid as the thought descends. I lose myself completely.
All you knew just came and went and therein lies the mystery.

I hope you'll go Stray home...

Can I make you whole again?

For no reason. It just bleeds through. In a seconds thought. I could make my move.
You wanna touch the sky. Then why limit where you take your mind. The paths are endless.

Without a reason and I can see through. Just how you waste your time. With blind traditions.
You have yourself to blame. You made decisions. To go whee wind divides and always stay the same.

We will be watching. We will be moving onward. We will keep fighting.
We will be waiting for the world to see where their eyes cannot lead.
Off the ledge and through valleys beneath. I know you'll go. Stray home.
Hope you don't stay in the valleys below.