From the recording 1

Greg Garcia - bass
HT Brown - guitar
Dustin Cates - drums
Ricky Vannatta - vocals
Recorded at Bullet Ride Productions


My blessing. Your weakness. You can bury your head. Your prison. My wealth. You understand what's been said
This generation will be misled. Pledge allegiance to a sham.
Your prison. My health. You have no heart in your head. My weakness. Your blessing. Broad is the path of the damned.
This generation will be force fed. Pledge allegiance to a scam.
You're nothing and from nothing you build. Foundation washes away in the filth.
You're nothing. You're just a name. You're nothing. You'll pledge allegiance to their game.
You'll follow blindly what they say. You're just a name. Nothing.
Forgive. Forget. Not of this world. Adjacent placement as they usurp.
Silent till violent. Their war not words. Enslave them erase them. Freedom no more.
Alas he seeks his soul. The damned are finally shown. The war upon their lands
Is the war inside their heads
Simple logic or common sense. Strategic achievement. All they deserve.
Violent till silent. Their words are war. Deprive them. Divide them. Whose heart be pure.
Alas he seeks his soul. The damned are finally shown. The war inside their heads.
Is the war upon their lands.
Do remain an open channel. Gone are days the straight and narrow.
Pledge your allegiance to the damned.
You're nothing...