From the recording 1

Greg Brown - drums
Mark Anderson - guitar, bass
Ricky Vannatta - vocals
Recorded at Purple Haze Studio


Searching and finding the reasons for nothing. Breathing and striving for reason and rhyme. Burning the causes the needing of something.
Empty the promise the reaper is time. Degrading and crushing myself with my own hate. Disgusted and ugly I carry the weight.
Displaced and waiting the vultures they circle. Punished and fatal singing songs to the dead.
Touched the sun today. Clouds they roll away. Spirit come and play. Everywhere I am you stay.
Pushing and pulling a cleansing is coming. Bury the hatchet so deep in my back. Cover your mouth when you're choking on insults.
Hurry to wait we're all on the same track. Thirsty and bloated can't choose a direction. Maybe your heartless could use a new face.
Complaining kicking and fighting the lesson. Agony's beauty while habits erase.
Touched the sun...
Crushed to dust today. Bound to blow away. Silent as the day. The innocence of hearts betray.
I've been waiting. Waiting so long. Only the strong survive. I was singing. Covered in song. Keeping my soul alive.
Searching and finding...
Touched the sun...
I've been waiting...
Times made no promise except not to wait. Who could be fortunate. Pull of the trigger direction to great. Till eyes forever shut.