1. Valhalla

Iwan Finlayson - guitar
Michael Vermillion - drums
Drew Howard - Bass
Howard Cary Jones - viola
Ricky Vannatta - vocals
Recorded at Bullet Ride Productions


Can't Sleep. Wide awake. I didn't get here by mistake.
Slayed at every altar. Leave their marks. I won't faulter.
The gains all in truth. I can't carry your problems too.

All the way down. All the way down.

I am he and he once lost. Found in peril. Paid its cost.

All the way down. All the way down.

I dream. I create. Not of their fears I escape.
In rage I won't bother. They can't waiver none of my thoughts here.
The way I shine through is to bury my burdens too.

Lord. I am lost. I am emptiness. I am failures son.
I am hell. I am warrior. For I am forgotten dust.
I am damned. I am victory. I am forever done.
I am strength. I am hellion. Calls to me Valhalla

I am he...