Iwan Finlayson - guitars
Ricky Vannatta - vocals
Michael Vermillion - drums
Drew J. Howard - bass
Howard Cary Jones - viola
Cameron Clark - guitars
Jeff Jones - artwork
Recorded @ Bullet Ride Productions


You can't make me comply, obey, heed.
Salvation, fated, need.

Through tribulations. No falsehood left unseen.
Those righteous tyrants on paths of thoughts unclean.

Bathe our hearts with armageddon.
Purge this world of our reflection.

There is no way out. There is no hope.
Deception gallant. Perception cope.

A fear drenched paint brush. Paints pictures history clears.
A modest seeker finds beauties blinding tears.

Bathe our hearts in our reflection.
Purge this world of your deception.

Comply, obey, heed.
Knows where you're going.
Salvation, fated, need.
Age of all knowing.

Black our hearts in your deception.
Trade our souls for misconception.

Incarnatus Apocalypse

Save our souls such bold deception.
Pray our hearts will change perception.

All Hail Thy Self

I'll be here after life. You'll feel that constant strife.
Black veils your eyes will see. Entrenched in sweet nothing.

I'll eat your soul alive. The darkest depths you'll dive.
You'll pray for light to see. Alone and lost you'll be.