1. Clandestine


All the while their lies compile. I search for truth. Life everlasting.
Crack your lips. Clandestine. Belief in Nothing. Born of night.
All blame the birth of Eden. Their choice decides for all.
Is it by choice you're breathin'. Your auto pilot song.
I'll raise your dime a dozen. I'll take your stake your claims.
I'll burn till time it doesn't. I've got more souls to take.
Two sided mouth. A serpents hoax. A hearts temptation. A subtle coax.
All Blame the birth...
Collecting words for beacon. Shine your dark light on me.
I'll make you know in reason. This spirits unto the.
No wake zone. No way home.
A serpents kiss. Clandestine.
All for nothing. Strongly wanting. Hide in words. The tales of something.
Grieve for peace. The hearts release. Ascend from hell. This time can't fail.
All you seen and hoped to tell. A taste so sweet. You'd go through hell.
All our time. Just light that's leaving. Heart unclogged. The edge of grieving.
All the things your heart desires. I promise these out in the wild.