In good time I'll be right back. Everything will make you laugh.
Bow down to me. Now you must worship. I'll bury my brand in your head. Under new leaf.
You're joining the circus. Let bygones be bygones my friends.
Swallow the sun. Murdering monsters. Search. Sail through the night. tracking the sun.
Flows out of your eyes like living water. Sing. Scream with your might. We could be light.
Say goodbye. We won't be back. Every time so unattached. Swallow the sun...
Let it go. A word to the wise. You're counting your blessings. Not impressing me.
Carry me under the magic of three. I believe hell or high water.
Fail them. Dispel them. Cannot keep their name.
Change them. Engage them. Conform and obey.
A sad show. You're letting the world know. You haven't the slightest. Not the brightest.
But hey, we could spin circles and laugh till we bleed. There's a need. There's a want.
They want more. They're coming with two forks. The spark of divided. Undecided.
But hey, we could play possum and serve from our knees. I believe thought is key.
They know legions of lions. To think they're so righteous. They're in crisis.
But hey, We could look inward and serve others needs. There's a want. Love is king.