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  1. Nyarlathotep

From the recording Other Gods

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lyrics; Anderson



Unsleeping One Black Herald of dread
The Bond between the living and the dead
Riding the winds that bring the storm
Dweller in air upon this world reborn

Prince of the abyss. The gods fear his call
Priest of the ether that lurks in the dreams of us all

Risen from Egypt's sands
Darkness and terror spread across the land
The Fellahin kneel though none know why
As screams of nightmare echo through the night


God of a thousand forms
Crawling chaos on the Earth once more
Madness Despair and death
Hail Nyarlathotep

Horror and doom he prophesies
Upon the screen a vision of demise
Streets filled with dead decay and war
Rotting creation as the world is torn


God of...