1. JWL - Worm

From the recording Exit Inside

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lyrics; Vannatta


Shedding of the skin. Parting ways with the old. No room for drama. Fed up with excuses. My kindness abused. An easy target. Your reasoning shallow. What could have been. Only a mask of my making. Eliminate the doubters. The selfish designers. Using the selfless to gain. Shame on me for removing my blinders. Seeing things how they are. Am I to blame when the bending finally breaks. And to the ungrateful. The pleasures been mine. I won't harbor hatred that sucks my life. Before I depart here. One thing you should know. The fruits from a victim won't nourish your soul. See no distinction. Your heart as mine. The courage to fear. Worthless severe. Fatigued bond of hope. Confusing inner scope. Share with me no less. Pounding hearts confess. Am I to blame... Cower not to your words as weapons. Unmoved by the glares of heathens. Sitting here in silent memory. Searching for that glimpse of clarity. Am I to blame...