From the recording Exit Inside

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lyrics; Vannatta


Cold black plague. All in vain. All will be around you. Smiling all the way Auto da fe. As a force that moves you. Do you really wanna know this? Do you really wanna see? Do you really know you're blind by all you believe? Do you really wanna process. Do you wanna see faith? Do you really wanna take these things to your grave? Happy ever after and the shadows on you. Whole is where the heart is. Raindrops fill spaces till all is wet. Tease the thoughts you sow. Remember to forget. It is not of your goals. This path of mystery. The preparation of souls. Spinning of webs to be. What light is found in darkness? What power found outside you? What guidance do you need to dance in hearts only whisper?. All has been taken. The martyrs want my blood. I remember where I begun. All is just righteous. Till the fingers on you. The guillotine slams down fast. You're through. Raindrops... I once was me. I once believed. I once could see no wrong. I once was taught. I once could feel. I once did feel so strong. Clothed in vanity. Blind insanity. Bound by tragedy. Cursed by clarity. Lost in parody. Vile calamity. It is not of your goals... Cold black plague... Raindrops... Is there anything you're not gonna bitch about. Your negative spreads like wild fire. You know everything and nothing. We accept but can't forget. Stop your bleeding. So easy fingers point. I close my eyes and drift away. I once was me.... Clothed in...