1. JWL - Then

From the recording Exit Inside

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lyrics; Vannatta


Once upon a dream. I saw the day the light died in me. Forever to seek the eternal peak. An infinite wait. Disgusted irate. Foolish to mourn the day. When life is abound.
Passing you by I looked in your face. Barriers walls fear empty space. Tragic the system. The culture we yield. Hide among walls in coffins we build.
Follow but lead the way. Do without thought.
I bring them life. All they see death. I give them light and they choose dark. Bare me not another day with old eyes.
Reward in diligence. In spite of you. Sing our silences. I used to think you thought like me.
Every moment sacred. Only the true remain. Product of disdain. Instrument of pain.
And with heavy hearts we sing. Move on don't stop never falter. Everybody's time will come. Another chance to fail.
You're carrying all the weight. The burdens all you.
Reward in diligence...
Every moment...
As your time quickly passes. Swallowed whole by the masses. In that hole you will remain. Farthest from love. Harvest of none. Men not fit to lead us. They all think they know the truth.
Be at one with perfection. Kings of hate have no direction. For in that hole they will remain. Farthest from...
There is no control.
So many ways. So few the days. Yet idle are many. Dark are the days Heavy with pain. And broken are many.
Searching for wholeness in all the wrong places. Compete in a world of false hope and false faces. I move from experience to experience.