1. JWL - Hematoma

From the recording Exit Inside

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lyrics; Vannatta


Water refine me. Distance secludes me. Power suppress me. Thinking define me.
Death toll will rise as I sever my ties. I'm a lesion seeking a body. No more mistakes. No more cut breaks. No remnants for those that forgot me.
You'll call it faithless. Yet scream for more. You need this drama. It feeds your whore.
So here we are in the is of the soon. All that eye beholds.
No love to last as I bury my past. I'm a servant without a savior. Living with fate. Death is my date. I'm a serpent swallowed by anger.
You'll call it tasteless. Then beg for more. No quenching this thirst. It's faith no more.
So here we are...
Senses collide with a corrupted mind. I'm a bullet seeking a body. Powered by thought. Scabs on my heart. No reason for me to forgive you.
You'll call it...
All that I beholds
Speaking without words. Close no doors. Organize and execute.
Self inflicted. conscious wander. No frame of time. You and sleeping thoughts.
I'm attracted. Hailed by something. Held by nothing. Me and distant thoughts. Something takes a hold. Being guided. Break the mold.
All that I beholds...
Speaking without...
Self inflicted...
I'm attracted...
Now my tongue won't speak no more. Everything's been said before. For the eye of heart is straight. Ride those feelings all the way. All of that which eye beholds.