1. JWL - God

From the recording Exit Inside

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lyrics; Vannatta


Disgust. The tasteless vision. Testing patience. To do what yu have to. Another day, another death. I'm dying to get here. Under the wing of shadow. Try to do the right thing but the wrong reverse me. So I vomit your name in vain. It magnifies my being.
Your sacred distracted. Thoughts of narrow cursed you.
You are the product. So be the weak. You can sell me all your bullshit cheap. You sense my presence. I can't save you all. I am the shepherd. You are the sheep. Bow your head and kneel before me.
Corrupt. Unthreatened menace. Preying weakness. To gain on the half truth. Another leech, Another debt. We're buying into fear. Under the crutch religion. Try to choose the right thing. But the wrong perverse me. So I covet your name as pain. Justify my thinking.
Corrupt disgust in God we trust