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lyrics; Vannatta


For those that seek refuge in the stars will find inner peace in the heart. Those that use hate as their shield will find only rot as their yield.
Now that you're listening I'll tell you what's true. The life that you're livings what someone else told you. If you can't comprehend this I'll put it another way. You can't find your freedom by acting like a slave.
Throw a slap spike through chest vicious thought I love you take me down hang me up pleasure's through take a bow it's all up hill face to face falling star am I dreaming action thought you'll think this scratch it in your sacrifice make your wishes complete no game hold me up promise of pain make your wishes complete no game hold me up I fall away master your self day by day second by second the eyes that see through mine
You are the nothing. You are the shallow piece. I am the process. Wait for the heart to cease. Never the father. Always the upper hand. Enter the sinister. Exit the damned.
Throw a slap...